The Meta AI Ray-Bans Are Awesome

My wife got me the new Meta AI Ray-Bans as an early birthday present, and I have to say, they are seriously impressive. I’ve messed with some of the other AI devices out there, but these are on a whole different level. I’ll explain why by elaborating on each use case:

  1. Great Sunglasses: They function as cool-looking Ray-Ban sunglasses, of course. Also, the build quality is SO GOOD. You can’t even really tell they are smart glasses. The case is a nice leather material and functions as a built-in battery pack with a charger.
  2. Bluetooth Headphones: The audio quality and mic quality are really awesome. This means they function perfectly for things like asking Siri to text or call someone or listening to music. It’s surprising, but people around you can’t even hear it unless it’s really quiet and they’re right next to you.
  3. LLM Assistant: You can say "Hey Meta" and ask basically any question. It’s an LLM with a browsing feature, so it has up-to-date info about the weather, sports, news, and anything else really.
  4. LLM Vision: You can say "Hey Meta, look and tell me what you see" and it works like GPT-4 vision. It can describe what’s in front of you. And since it uses the LLM, it can answer questions about the input. So you can ask what something is called in another language. You can ask what plant it is. It would be perfect for visually impaired people to know what is going on around them.
  5. Camera/Video Camera: It takes really high-quality pictures and videos. And the “view” for it is really neat because it feels “first person”. So it really captures the memory of something better than holding a phone up. And sometimes you don’t want to be holding a phone for taking a picture or video. I was coaching my son’s soccer game, and the videos I took while doing that are amazing.

Another cool feature is that it’s really hard to tell that they’re even smart glasses. They just looks like Ray-Bans. The case is leather and doubles as an extra battery pack. You can get transition lenses so you can use them inside also. And you can put prescription lenses in them.

And all of this is working quite well when powered by only Llama 2. I can’t wait until they update to Llama 3.

Anyways, I’m not sponsored by them or anything, but I just think they’re awesome and wanted to share :)
- Joseph

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