My Favorite Podcasts

I love podcasts. I’ve listened to a bunch in the last few years. Here’s my favorites for a few categories:

Update (2022): I actually almost exclusively listen to “Conversations with Tyler”, “The Tim Ferris Show”, and “Darknet Diaries” now. Tastes change, haha. But all the below are still great!

Security: Security Now

Steve Gibson has been cranking out episodes for over 10 years. The episodes are comprehensive in regards to security events week to week, but explained so well that anyone familiar with basic security concepts can understand.

Running: Running Rogue

Steve Sisson and Chris McClung are coaches at Rogue Running in Austin, TX. They have great running resumes. Their podcast is great because it’s entertaining, extremely informative, and they cover everything from beginner’s tips to interviewing professionals.

Christian: This Cultural Moment

This Cultural Moment is a cultural commentary on the state of Christianity and Secularism in the west. John Mark Comer of Bridgetown Church in Portland and Mark Sayers of Red Church in Melbourne, Australia make extremely insightful observations about faith in a culture that’s becoming more secular.

Random: Hello Internet

CGPGrey and Brady Haran are masters of content creation in the 21st century. Hello Internet is what podcasting is all about. Two guys talking about nothing in particular. They are both youtubers turned podcasters. CGPGrey is also on Cortex. Brady is also on the Unmade Podcast. Both are good as well.

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