Positive Mental Framing Examples

Mental framing can be powerful. Framing is the way you percieve a situation and the story you tell yourself about that situation. It’s almost always a “reframe” because our brains jump straight to an initial frame. Reframing a situation in a more positive way is a tactic nearly all emotionally healthy people use.

This post is inspired by Daniel Miessler’s recent post on Framing. It’s basically required reading, and this post can be seen as a follow-up to it.

When I think about reframing, I always think about Jocko’s GOOD, which is similar to the list below.

List of Reframes

Situation Reframing Thought
My toddler is screaming In 10 or 20 years, I’d give anything to hear those cries again
Standing in the cold Cold exposure is good for my health
Annoyed doing chores This is an amazing way to serve and love my family
Stuck in traffic More time to listen to an audiobook
Feeling overwhelmed by work I’m really thankful to have a good job
Facing criticism Maybe there’s some truth in what they’re saying. I can at least use this to self-reflect
Experiencing failure Failure is a necessary part of gaining success. Each misstep could be a valuable lesson

If you force yourself to mentally reframe things more, you’ll almost certainly find yourself more joyful.

- Joseph

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